Bell's American Karate & fitness
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Masters Fred and Connie Bell , Head Instructors at Bells American karate and fitness
Masters Fred and Connie Bell are both sixth degree black belts in Kenpo Karate. 
Master Fred started at a young age in the L.A./Orange county area. As been a life time student of American syle of Kenpo karate. Master Fred has trained and taught for many instructors in the L. A. and Fresno area before starting his own dojo almost ten years ago.
He has a sucessful competition career, winning at local ,national and international tournaments.

Master Connie started at the young age of seven at a local dojo in Selma. A student of chinese Kenpo has sudied and taught for over fourty years.
Master Connie his not only lead instructor to our children programs but leads our award winning demo team," Team Tigers den."
Still active in competition, she has also won at local, national, and international  titles.
We are both honored to be inducted into several Hall of fames, Master Fred was one of only few martial artist to be inducted into the Fresno Martial arts Hall of fame.
With a combined 80 years of martial arts experience we provide the best and most qualified martial arts in the valley. We are honored to be chosen top Karate school in the valley for two years in a row.

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Daniel LaRusso has been a student of Shotokan since 1984 and teaches at his home dojo in New York City. The Shotokan studies the teachings of Gichin Funakoshi. This is the modern form of Karate formed of three main parts, Kihon which forms the basics, Kata which is a pattern of moves and Kumite which is sparring. Daniel is an 8th Dan black belt and has been offering classes since 2004 to both children and adults.