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Bully - Proofing
As a martial arts instructors, we are often asked by parents about the best ways to help their children to deal with bullies. While there are many approaches to the problem, we feel the best way is to instill self-confidence in  children . Martial arts at Bells American Karate and fitness is just one way to instill that self - confidence.
Thru training at Bells American Karate  we instill the knowledge that will help your child fill more self - assured.  With this new  level of learning there confidence level will grow. 
if your child  does need to defend themselves, there practice on the mat will provide a level of safety by allowing them to perform the moves instinctively when threatened.
At Bells American Karate and fitness we provide the most powerful defensive skills so that adults as well as children are prepared  and can protect themselves from attackers as well as bullies of any size.
We also focus on teaching non-violent resolutions to conflict and focus on building charcater skills like self-discipline, courage, respect, responsibility, team work and leadership.
Many young americans grow up with martial arts as one of rheir first competive sports/activities. Not only is it a great activity that keeps participants physically active, but it instills a sense of achievement and ethics, as you work your way up to to  earning your black belt. But even if you have no previous experiennce in martial arts, it is still a great activity  to pick up even as an adult. And here are the reasons why, as we present the top 10 health benefits of martial arts:
​* Total body workout
* Healthy lifestyle
* Self confidence
​* Improved cardiovascular health
* Weight loss
* Improved reflexes
​* Focus and stillness
​* Teaches great morals and values
* Muscle tone
​* Better mood

Kenpo Karate
What is Kenpo Karate ?
​Kenpo's roots are based in the chinese Martial arts. Brought to the United States  it has been modified to one of the most effiicent,  effictive and pragmatic of the martial arts taught today. It is practical, realistic, and easily be applied to any situation. Kenpo has been the subject of many magazine articles and books. Kenpo is recognized as one of the most complete systems of self defense and personal development available today.